EPC Wastewater Treatment Contractor

EPC Wastewater Treatment Contractor – Eratech’s Mission and Commitment

Eratech isn’t just a service provider; it’s a strategic partner for businesses in constructing comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions, an EPC Wastewater Treatment Contractor. With the mission of “Creating sustainable value for the environment and community”, Eratech pledges to deliver environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solutions, and optimize operating processes.

Comprehensive services and products for wastewater treatment projects

An EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Contractor offers a comprehensive range of wastewater services and products to meet diverse customer needs, including:

  • Consultation and Design: Eratech boasts a team of experienced engineers and experts in wastewater and water treatment, ready to advise and design systems tailored to specific customer requirements.
  • Equipment and Technology Supply: As a partner of leading global manufacturers in the wastewater treatment industry, Eratech ensures the supply of the most advanced equipment and technology for projects.
  • Construction and installation: Eratech puts quality and safety construction first. With a highly skilled and professionally qualified construction team, we say no to low quality and unsafe projects.
  • Operation and Maintenance: Eratech doesn’t just provide solutions; it also takes responsibility for operating and maintaining wastewater systems, ensuring efficient and stable operation.
Eratech – Reliable Wastewater Treatment Contractor for Major Clients

With over a decade of operations, Eratech has established its reputation and quality through delivering high-quality wastewater treatment services. Particularly, Eratech has forged reliable partnerships with world-leading corporations such as Heineken, Pepsi, Lego, Unilever, Jotun, and many others in more than 20 industries. Choosing Eratech as their wastewater treatment partner stems not only from its reputation but also from its ability to provide the most effective and advanced solutions in the industry.

Eratech’s Values to Customers
  • Highest responsibility for product and service quality, complying strictly with procedures and regulations.
  • Application of the most advanced and modern technologies, with legal standards and regulations updated regularly.
  • A highly skilled technical team ensuring swift and accurate construction.
  • Long-term warranty and lifelong maintenance.
  • Competitive pricing, high investment efficiency, and low operating costs.
  • A team of consulting specialists providing support throughout the operation process, resolving any issues promptly.

Eratech is a leading Vietnam wastewater treatment contractor and a reliable partner for businesses in building sustainable and effective wastewater treatment solutions. With our mission and commitment, we continue to contribute to environmental protection and community development.

Era Environmental Technology JSC is a reputable EPC Contractor in Vietnam with 15 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment