ERATECH‘s research and development center is located at the centralized wastewater treatment plant of An Nghiep Industrial Park – Soc Trang with a laboratory, modern and synchronous equipment and machines for quantitative analysis of physical and physical criteria of water environment.

Laboratory with specialized equipment
To help test and evaluate proactively and quickly

Experimental model using nano filter in surface water treatmentand wastewater reuse

The mixing mechanism in the sludge moisture reduction system

To ensure that the projects meet the desired standards and economic efficiency, Eratech has prepared a full environmental experiment area with different models of water treatment technology and wastewater treatment. These models enable treatment efficiency checks to be performed for individual wastewater types and to assess the operating costs of the treatment system before appropriate treatment technology is introduced. With model testing, we minimize risk to ourselves and our customers.

Activities of the Research and Development Center:

  • Test and evaluate treatment efficiency for each type of wastewater separately.
  • Evaluate and improve treatment system operating costs.
  • Proposing optimal technology in terms of investment costs and operating costs while minimizing risks.

The research and development center is the basis for us – ERATECH to make a difference and lead the market trend.