Eratech was established and oriented towards sustainable development for society and for the growth of the company. Eratech is always Responsible for the Business performance of the company; Responsible for Compliance with the law; Responsible for ethics and voluntary work.
Therefore, after the Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR program organized by Ecovadis, Eratech has successfully won the CSR Silver certification. This certificate is a testament to the contributions of Eratech to the community so that the company can develop longevity, share the common values of CSR and step out into the world as a “Global corporate citizenship”.

Marathon Dalat Ultra Trail 2020

To inherit Dalat Ultra Trail 2019’s great success, Dalat Ultra Trail 2020 promises to bring new challenges and remarkable changes in the routes to trail runners.

Memorable summer vacation – 2020

Another holiday came. This year, a great trip with a criterion is joy, relaxation, attachment and health promotion that took place in the beautiful Con Dao Island.

Eratech 10th anniversary of establishment

In the last 3 days 6 – 8 June 2019, the 10th year anniversary of the establishment of Eratech (2009 – 2019) with a series of extremely fun and meaningful activities.

Hy Vong Homeless shelter – return trip

In the first days of June 2019, Eratech had a chance to return to visit, have fun, play games, sing, dance and give gifts to children at the Hy Vong Homeless Shelter – 62 Tran Dai Nghia St., Bai Gieng Trung, Cam Duc, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa.

Eratech team building 2019

In order to improve the spirit of solidarity and connection between Departments, during the company holiday in June, Eratech organized an interesting beach teambuilding activity at Whale Island resort – Hon Ong Island. Here, the collective activities and attractive games have made all Eratech’s members extremely excited and burnt out.

Marathon Dalat Ultra Trail 2019

Recently, Eratech sent a strong team of 15 members to conquer the 10km race at Ultra Da Lat arena. The performance of the athletes brought in is beyond expectations, all of our Runner-ups have finished quickly with a total running time of less than 2 hours 30 minutes and they were completely healthy and safe.

Eratech accompanies World Cup 2018

Immersed in the exciting atmosphere of the largest football festival in the world, Eratech recently successfully organized the contest: “Eratech accompanied the World Cup 2018”. With a total prize value up to VND 50,000,000.

Company holiday 2018

As usual every year, on summer occasions Eratech will organize a holiday program for members of the company to have the opportunity to interact, as well as relax and play after stressful working days.

Eratech accompanies Euro 2016

Can not stand outside the big event of the World, Eratech was very excited to organize the game: “Eratech accompanies Euro 2016” for all members of the company to participate in anticipation to join the passionate atmosphere. of the European Football Championship – Euro 2016.

Volunteer Activity “Hy Vong Homeless Shelter” 2015

As the charitable annual activities, on the morning of an autumn day, all of Eratech’s staff visited to help the children of Hy Vong Homeless Shelter on 62 Tran Dai Nghia St., Cam Duc town, Khanh Hoa province. This is the first time we come there.